Ayurvedic Powders for hair and skin?

ayurveda01s curlytea

ayurveda01s curlytea
In another post, Shania4NJ wrote
: “I use aritha powder in my ayurvedic hair treatments once a month”.

Ayurvedic treatments for both hair and skin have gained popularity in recent years, especially with the natural community.

For example, I’ve used Amla powder and Kalpi Tone powder for my hair before. I did notice an increased softness and blacker hair.  But because of the nature of how you have to use it (as a paste), I didn’t use them often enough to tell a significant difference.

I’m sure there are some of you who aren’t as lazy as I am with these types of treatments. LOL!

Have you ever used an ayurvedic treatment for your hair or skin?  If so, what were the results?  Would you use them again or do you still use them? Share your experiences!  🙂

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