Product Review: Soultanicals Fluff-a-licious Curl Nutricious

soultanicalsfluffcn01 curlytea

soultanicalsfluffcn01 curlytea


Soultanicals Fluff-a-licious Curl Nutricious

INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water Botanically Infused with Calendula and Blue Malva Herb, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Cetyl Alcohol, Vegetable Glycerine, Rice Bran Oil, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Avocado Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Pro Vitamin B5, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid, Natural, Fragrant Blends, an extra scoop of soulistic flava & LOVE!


Instantly softens dry hair! It makes a great daily hair moisturizer.


It has a sweet smell, dessert-like smell; almost like a cake batter but not a straight vanilla scent.  I like it.  I would use it just for the scent.


I’ve used this as a daily  (or semi-daily for me) moisturizer.  Its soft and smells great, AND AND AND most importantly it has slip.  Because of the slip, its a lot better to use than a straight cream when you’re trying to cut down on those tangles.



I like this mix on dry hair best. It instantly softened and smoothed my dry hair.  Because its water-based, you don’t necessarily have to wet your hair before application, unless you want to.

If your hair is feeling crunchy (like mine gets if I don’t moisturize in a few days), the Fluffalicious wakes it up and softens it enough that you can get through it without ripping it out.


For me, this is a light-ish cream.  I don’t usually use these types of creams on soaking wet hair anymore because I want to save them for dealing with my dry hair.   That said, I tested it on a section of wet hair. And… I couldn’t see a big difference.  

BUT that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.  I just like it best on my dry hair instead.  I DEFINITELY feel the difference and notice its full value on my dry hair.


I think it was pretty good on damp hair, actually.  Not as good as it feels on dry hair though, but you can retwist with this product easily.


As with most of the products I recommend, this product too has great ingredients.  The herbs use are Calendula and Blue Malva! Blue Malva!

Blue Malva, a Mallow, is said to be good for dark hair and best for gray or graying hair. It has smoothing and softening qualities which helps with elasticity.  

It is thought to be a fantastic conditioning agent for hair that breaks easily. And, according to “Mallow softens and moistens anything that is hard and dry”.  Maybe that’s why it works so well on my dry hair.

Calendula is a healing herb which is said to strengthen hair and help promote hair growth.  It is thought to have “cell repairing” qualities which also adds shine to hair.

Calendula is so good that people make healing and soothing oils from it, and use it to help with serious skin and scalp conditions.

Aloe Vera juice provided more soothing qualities and probably helping to decrease the pH (low pH products are good for closing the hair cuticle) .  We all know about the benefits of aloe.   

Doing the heavy lifting are the oils. Rice bran, Avocado and Wheat Germ oils are used in this product. All three oils are oils which absorb easily and readily.

Rice bran oil has been used in a number of hair care products. It has antioxidant properties and is high in Vitamin E.  By the way, rice bran oil is stable at high temps and has a high smoke point so it’s also a great oil to cook with.

Wheat Germ oil is a ‘dry’ oil, which just means it absorbs very quickly and does its thing instead of just sitting on top of the hair (like a sealer).  

Wheat germ oil contains SQUALENE which is one of the highly prized (and more expensive) emollients you can use on your hair and body.  Squalene is close to the oil your own body produces, by the way. Because of that, wheat germ oil is easily absorbed by the hair and skin.

In addition, Wheat germ oil contains B vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B6 which are in a lot of products used to help thicken and strengthen hair.

And AVOCADO! Yall know I love me some avocado oil.  I even like it better than olive oil.  Avocado seems to absorb quicker than its oilier cousin.   Avocado oil is great for dry hair and has amino acids and omega3 properties (although not as much as flaxseed oil).

Avocado is high in Vitamin E and contains antioxidants.  Avocado is an in-the-middle type of oil: its not oily like Apricot Kernel, but not ‘dry’/light like Camellia oil either.  But, it absorbs quite well too.

This product also contains the emulsifying conditioner BTMS (one of my holy grail ingredients) and Pro Vitamin B5  (panthenol, like the best stuff in Pantene)

All in all, great ingredients.


# Great moisturizer with great ingredients for dry hair
# Smoothing and softening properties
# Has SLIP to help you get through tangles

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