Clay vs Clay: Are There Two Versions of Rhassoul Clay?

clayvsclayrhassoul01 dongbanger

clayvsclayrhassoul01 dongbanger

Okay, I need to know something.  There appears to be two types of “Rhassoul” clay on the market.

One is a deep red/orange color called “Moroccan Red clay” popularized by the NOW brand.  

Another one is more grayish in color with a slightly muted brown/pinkish hue which reportedly does not stain everything it comes into contact with.

Specifically when it comes to clay for a deep hair conditioner, which clay is the best clay? I’m looking for the best clay for HAIR; the one people brag about which helps to soften and condition the hair.

The “moroccan red clay” that is bright red/orange leaves a reddish tint on the skin and some naturals have reportedly been having problems using it on their hair.

For example, “wcallisa22” at youtube talks about using the red/orange Moroccan Red clay (NOW brand):

However, the “moroccan red clay” from brands like NOW seem very different from the rhassoul clay sold at Moutainroseherbs, Newdirectionsaromatics, Brambleberry, SaffireBlue, etc.

These rhassoul clays are more on the grayish side, are NOT bright red/orange in color, and people generally have good things to say about them (newdirectionsaromatics).

“BlackWomanScholar” over at youtube showed the difference between the two versions of rhassoul/”moroccan red” clays in her video:


And “honestlyerica” also at youtube did her rhassoul clay treatment with rhassoul clay from Organic Creations.  She loved it and her rhassoul clay was NOT the bright red/orange version.


There is obviously a difference between the two.  What IS that difference?  Are these two different versions of the same clay?

OR has rhassoul clay suffered the same fate as shea butter where one version is the REAL stuff, and the other version is clever marketing by people who don’t know (or don’t care) about the difference?

Maybe the bright red/orange clay is specifically for facials and the regular rhassoul clay is best for conditioning the hair and softening the skin?

Actually, the “Moroccan Red clay” (bright red/orange version) looks an awful lot like Red Kaolin clay.  See this photo at

Red Kaolin Clay fnwl curlyteaPHOTO: FNWL Red Kaolin Clay

Red Kaolin clay is used in facials and as a natural colorant.  With Red Kaolin clay being a natural colorant, it kinda behaves the same way “Moroccan Red clay” behaves when water is added to it: it stains everything, even temporarily giving your skin a red tint.

Could this be a clay mixup?  Could this be the reason for the two different reactions from Naturals who have used the bright red clay in their HAIR and really didn’t like it (and had trouble washing it all out)?

Basically what I’ve found, as of this article, is that the bright red/orange clay is hell to wash out and really doesn’t seem to work all that well in the hair.  The grayish/brownish/pinkish clay works well in the hair.  Has this been your experience?

What is this clay thang all about?!  I want the real deal, so I will be checking around to see which one is best.

Add your opinions below.


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