November 28, 2022


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Other Names: Dillisk, Palmata, Palmaria, Kuntze, Dilli, Purple Dulse

INCI: Capric Triglycerides, Palmaria Palmata Extract

Dulse extract is the extracted version of a red seaweed which is a salty vegetable from the sea.  It is full of Vitamins and minerals like Vitamin B6, B12,  Zinc, Calcium, Alpha- and beta-carotene, and Manganese.  It is said to contain “over 90 trace elements and phytochemicals” (3).

The red seaweed — aka called Red Dulse or Sea Lettuce — also contains Iron, Iodine, Selenium, Magnesium, Niacin and Potassium.  It helps to strengthen and balance thyroid function.

People typically use Dulse extract for two reasons.  One is its antioxidant properties which is not only good for hair and skin, but is said to help fight against oil rancidity  (ie keeps your oils from going rancid in your DIY mixes).

The other is for all those minerals!  Many of those minerals listed above are very necessary to strengthen hair and promote hair retention (which leads to hair “growth”)

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Dulse, found in the form of dried flakes, are eaten regularly by people looking for a boost in mineral intake.  Although a VERY VERY small amount  (like a couple of flakes) is all you need to get those requirements (according to Mountainroseherbs), which speaks to how effective Dulse is.

It is also recommended by some sources to help with dry, brittle, thin hair. recommends the use of Dulse extract at 3% in haircare products and up to 7% in skin products.

So, if you’re making an 8oz jar of leave-in conditioner or hair mask:

8 ounces (in weight) = approx 228 grams (in weight)


Using Dulse extract at 3%:

228 x 0.03 = 6.8 grams   (just round up to the nearest gram)


Thus, you’ll add about 7 grams of Dulse extract to almost any of the recipes I have listed in the Recipe Vault at

I generally like to make batches of stuff which will fit an 8 oz jar or bottle. I’ve even fit 242 grams inside an 8oz jar before.  So I usually pick around 228 grams for my recipes.  However, you may see recipes calling for anywhere from 227grams – 245 grams to fit inside an 8oz container.

Test it out and see if it contributes to the strength of your hair over time!

By the way, the Dulse extract I got from does not contain alcohol


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