December 7, 2022


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ICE Conditioner

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ICE Conditioner

INCI Name: Cetyl alcohol, behentrimonium chloride, cocamidopropyl betaine, sorbitan laurate

ICE Conditioner is a special emulsifier derived from Canola, Coconut and other veggie oils. What’s special about it is that it’s used to make “instant-cold-emulsions”.  That means it can emulsify oil and water without heating for 20 minutes (or so they say) .

It is said to have superior “suspending and emulsification” properties.  The creams for hair and skin is supposed to be soft and smooth.

Specifically for the hair, it’s said to have great detangling properties and helps to soften it.  In my opinion, it doesn’t feel as conditioning as BTMS-50.  Although that may have something to do with the percentages I used or the percentages recommended by the manufacturer.

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The usage rate for ICE Conditioner is 5% – 10% at But at, the usage rate is 3% – 7%.  One recipe I found online at calls for 6% of it.  So 6% may be a good place to start because 10% seems way too high and 3% seems too low.

Just another slight comparison: With BTMS-50, usually you can get great results at 4%.  But BTMS-50 isn’t a room temperature emulsifier like ICE Conditioner claims to be.

It can be added to cold water.  However, recommends using a stick blender if adding it to cold water.  But if you like, says it can be added to hot water (160 F), but NOT to use a stick blender if using hot water.

From my multiple experiments, if you heat it with water it will make the emulsion look like it’s not coming together (while it’s still hot).   I still have yet to try the cold-water/stick-blender method though.

The ICE Conditioner itself is made with Cetyl alcohol, something you guys should be very familiar with.  It’s an ingredient you’ve probably already used before.

It’s also made up of behentrimonium chloride.  Behentrimonium chloride is one of the other ingredients I purchased to test out.   In addition, ICE Conditioner contains cocamidopropyl betaine, sorbitan laurate.

This ICE Conditioner mix is supposed to be “hydrophile/lipophile” balanced, which means the water-loving and oil-loving properties are balanced.

According to, the INCI name of ICE Conditioner matches ingredients found in some of the Kiss My Face Conditioners.  It also matches ingredients found in Wondercurl’s Detoxifying Clay Cleanser, and ASDM Foamless Hair Cleanser and Conditioner

It’s called ICE Conditioner, but apparently it can be used to make lotions and serums as well.  I shall see!  I guess I’ve been conditioned (get it!) to only use something with “Conditioner” in its name on my hair!  But you go right ahead and experiment! 😀

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Johanna Designs
Johanna Designs
5 years ago

I.C.E. conditioner is great. I like to heat mine to make it easier to use.

5 years ago

I love how easy the condish is to use. I made it the day before wash day with olive oil and mango butter.

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