October 5, 2022


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New Studio 71 markers!

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studio 71 markers - curlytea.com

FROM MY INSTAGRAM: New Studio 71 markers arrived! I like these too! The nibs aren’t as flexible as Winsor and Newton or Copic, but they work like any #alcoholmarker. These are brush markers too! They have a brush tip and a chisel tip.

I got the 48 pack at ConsumerCrafts.com. Unfortunately, as of this writing (Sept 21 2017) they are Out of Stock. These were flying off the shelves. They were just introduced recently.  I managed to get a pack before they ran out.

Studio 71 markers are made by Darice, the same company that does the Spectrum Noir brand.  But don’t let that deter you.  The tips on these markers are not nearly as unreliable as the ones on the Spectrum Noir brand. (Don’t get me started on those Spectrum Noir watercolor markers. Yikes!)

The color selection is beautiful as well.  There’s one color, Sangria, that I think is just gorgeous. 😀 There are a lot colors which I like. Blush and Azalea are two I’ve already found myself gravitating towards frequently. They have a nice range of colors.  However, if you’re an Orange-person or a Yellow-person, you may be a bit disappointed.

You get 48 markers for ~$50, which is a great deal if you know how expensive Copic markers (yikes!), Winsor and Newton Brush markers and Shinhan Art Touch markers can be.

They also have individual 6 packs for ~$8.00, a 12 pack for ~$13.00, and a 24 pack for ~$25.00.  Seriously, if you want a good stating point or want to fill out a few color gaps you have with existing markers, give these a try:

Studio 71 Brush markers

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