October 5, 2022


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Finecolour BRUSH markers – First Impression

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Finecolour brush markers - curlytea.com

Expanded post from MY INSTAGRAM: Zomg, Finecolour BRUSH markers! Holy crap! These #markers are so much like Copics I’m shocked more ppl don’t know about these. I’m impressed af right now.

Markers: Finecolour BRUSH alcohol markers (look for “EF102”).

The EF102 is the BRUSH version of the super affordable #Finecolour markers many ppl use to supplement their #Copic collections or because they can’t afford the super-expensive Copics. I got the 72 pack on Amazon the other day and they’re already sold out.

They behave like #Copics, except the ink has better coverage: less of the white grain of the paper shows thru.

The nib! The nib isn’t super-flexible (like Winsor Newton) or softly grabby (like the Shinhan Art markers). They’re just perfect, imo.

finecolour markers - curlytea.com
Finecolour Brush markers EF102

I don’t know how long the ink lasts but they are REFILLABLE, according to the brochure that came with the markers.  I’m sure if you match up a Copic color, you can use Copic Various Ink refills or Shinhan Art refills. Finecolour sells their own refills but I haven’t seen any on Amazon.

CONS: The cap colors will annoy you.  Be prepared to use the marker to make a mark on the cap. OR you can use #ModPodge to glue on a strip of paper with the actual color onto the body of the marker. OR you can use a color #swatch sheet when you’re coloring.

If I had found these markers right after chose to get Copics, there’s a possibility I wouldn’t have continued my search for the best Copic alternative. 

As of right now — and barring any unforeseen ridiculousness — these are the best performing Copic alternatives I’ve used to date. 

(Sorry Shinhan. You’re great too, but Finecolour is going at Copic..hard!)
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