4 thoughts on “Nettle and Horsetail Tea-based Moisturizing Spray v1 (Free)

  1. Do you need the neodefend?
    And can you give me an idea of some other water soluble preservatives? I am a newbie.
    Thank you,

    1. Neodefend (Gluconolactone SB) is a broad-spectrum preservative. You can choose to use other broad-spectrum preservatives, but if you’re going to give your mixes away or sell them, use a broad-spectrum preservative. I can look up some other water-soluble preservatives, but the only 3 preservatives I have experience using are:
      (1)gluconolactone SB – water soluble
      (2)optiphen – oil soluble
      (3)Leucidal Liquid – water soluble

      You can try to the Leucidal liquid and read about it at lotioncrafter: https://lotioncrafter.com/products/leucidal-liquid?_pos=2&_sid=b25de1882&_ss=r

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