Moringa Hair & Skin Milkmakes approx 231.05 grams (just slightly more than 8 ounces) PREVIEW
Olive Moringa Leave-Inmakes approx 200 grams (fits 8oz jar) PREVIEW
Pumpkin Black seed Buttermakes approx 61.2 grams (fits 3 ounce jar) PREVIEW
Simple Facial Cleanser #18 -
Simple Facial Cleanser #18 [NO VIDEO]makes approx 199.68 grams (fits 8 oz bottle)
AHA 3.5% Glycolic Acid Serum makes approx 100.3 grams (fits 3.5 ounce bottle) PREVIEW:
Mango Sunflower Leave-in Cream
Mango Sunflower Leave-in makes approx 230 grams (fits 8oz container)   PREVIEW:
goat milk shampoo
Goat Milk Shampoo #13 w/Baobabmakes approx 238 grams (fits 8oz bottle)PREVIEW:
Simple Sunflower Serum -
Simple Sunflower Serum (makes approx 50 grams) I recently found myself needing a simple after-shower product […]
Cocoa Butter Pre-Cleansing Balm (for skin) makes approx 100 grams (fits 3.5oz jar) PREVIEW:
Marshmallow Root Curling Gel
Marshmallow Root Curling Gelmakes approx 225 grams (fits 8 ounce container) PREVIEW:
Hempseed Moisture Lotion
Hempseed Moisture Lotionmakes approx 227 grams (fits 8 ounce container)
aloe b3
makes approx 229 grams (should fit 8 ounce container)
Kukui Tamanu Butter [VIDEO] makes approx 114 grams (fits 4 ounce jar) – This is the […]
Aloe Juice Quinoa Leave-inmakes approx 228 grams (fits 8 ounce jar)
softening leave-in
3 Oil Softening Leave-in makes approx 228 grams (fits 8 ounce jar)
you try it - red clover and nettle conditioner -
Red Clover and Nettle Leave-in Conditioner [You Try It]      
you try it -
Herbal Shea Leave-in Cream [You Try It] makes approx 228 grams (fits 8 ounce jar) use […]
Old School New School cream -
Old School/New School Cream – makes approx 239 grams (fits 8 oz jar)
baobab dual butter cream
SOLD This recipe data has been sold and is no longer available for view or download […]
you try it -
Cocoa Cream (with a little hold) makes approx 227 grams (fits 8 oz jar)
Cup of Tea
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Cationic polymers are ingredients like guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride (aka GuarCat) and cassia hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride (aka ClearHance C).
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