hibiscus flower - curlytea.com
Hibiscus Vanilla Mint Conditioner version 3 – makes approx 228g (fits an 8oz container) Hibiscus is […]
sunflower lotion
makes 228g  (approx 8oz) measurements are in weight
olive and rosemay conditioner
Olive and Rosemary Conditioner version 6 makes approx 230grams (a little over 8oz) tsp= teaspoon (a […]
sweet almond coconut - currlytea.com
Sweet Almond Coconut Oil Rich Conditioner w/Aloe Ver #5 (Glycerin Free) makes approx 8 oz Another […]
(The Red, The Black and the Green Conditioner! lol) makes approx 234grams (approx 8.3oz)
Rooibos Coconut Conditioning Cream version #3 makes approx 234grams (approx 8.3oz)
Avocado leave in conditioner - curlytea.com
Avocado Leave In Conditioner with Black Tea & Irish Moss makes 271g  (approx 9.5 ounces) measurements […]
green tea conditioner
Olive and Green Tea Conditioner Leave-in Cream measurements are in volume (appox. 8.4oz volume)
sunflower and aloe vera conditioner - curlytea.com
Sunflower Aloe Vera Conditioner w/Sunflower oil makes 271g  (approx 9.5 ounces) measurements are in weight
hibiscus flower - curlytea.com
Hibiscus Conditioner with Nettle and Castor oil – makes approx 9oz measurements are in VOLUME PHASE […]
apricot conditioner
Olive & Apricot Kernel Conditioner (Rinse Off Formula #6) makes approx 9.5 ounces measurements are in […]
vanilla mint
Vanilla Mint Conditioning Leave-In measurements are in volume (appox. 8.37oz volume)
Camellia Soothing Lotion Makes approx 227g (approx 8oz)
Macadamia and Aloe Vera Skin Cream (makes approx 8oz)
amla powder - curlytea.com
Amla Powder Infused Creamed Salve – ~3oz version (I liked this much better, also stirred it […]
Safflower, Horsetail & Vanilla Chai Conditioner w/Coconut and Avocado Oil For approx 8.15oz (just over 8 […]
Cetyl Alcohol is a go to ingredient used to make emulsions thick
Cup of Tea
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Keep your Vitamin E below 2% in your formula. Even 0.1% mixed tocopherols (MT) can help prevent oxidation longer in your actual formulation.
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