December 7, 2022


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Welcome to CurlyTea LLC.  CurlyTea offers recipes, advice and online consultation services regarding the low-tech manufacturing of products designed to care for natural/curly hair. I've been a southern natural for about 14 years now (yikes!).

mycurls01blackThe more I work with my hair and the longer it gets, the more I like to fantasize that my hair… that this natural black stuff… is ALIVE and that it should be taken care of like a living thing.  
I think natural hair should be taken care of as if it were a high maintenance plant which should be watered (moisturized), periodically pruned (detangled and clipped), and even talked to (hey! don't act a fool today! please!).  Natural hair is alive, people! (Yes I know hair isn't 'alive' for real. :P)
But I would've ask somebody what they were smoking if they told me back in high school that I would be whipping up and mixing my own hair and skin concoctions, independently researching about emulsifiers, testing out the ph of various teas to see which one breaks the sodium carbomer matrix,  or falling in love with Rooibos tea as a basis for skin lotions/creams.  
 I just know I would have been like, "roo bus? what's that? I don't even like tea."  Can you believe I didn't care at all for tea back then? TEA! I mean, now a days rarely a day goes by where I don't drink hot or cold tea. (Bubble tea with tapioca pearls are fun too!)
 I found that I love working with my hair, even when it doesn't seem to hold the twistout…even when I'm battling super frizz…even when I know it's been 9 days since the last time I washed it and it's turning super dry on me. I still won't straighten it.
 After looking at countless videos and websites, and talking to all kinds of people, I find myself wanting to help.  One blaring thing I've found is that if people know what to do, they'll at least try it.  
 Some folk, though, don't have the patience or the time to sit through dozens of youtube videos or read through countless websites for tips, shortcuts and recipes.  
Try as I might, for example, I can't get my currently-transitioning mama to care at all about watching my top 10 fav youtube videos on curly hair.  She prefers me to just tell her, simply and plainly, what to mix.  Or better yet, for me to do it for her.  
A couple of my natural friends don't want to deal with figuring out pH levels or researching the specific advantages of different tea rinses. And a lot of people are just like that.  As we say, they ain't fuh' all that.  They're just not.  

That's where I come in. There's a lot of information available which people prefer that I condense for them into the 'what' and the 'how' (…and sometimes the 'why'). And that's why CurlyTea LLC was born.
Anyway, I've loved figuring out how to best take care of my hair and helping those who are just starting out.  Curlytea LLC is designed to facilitate that!
Let me help !

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