Myristyl Myristate

INCI: Myristyl Myristate

A 100% natural, vegetable derived ester, combination of myristyl alcohol and myristic acid, for use as a co-emulsifier and opacifier.  Myristyl Myristate offers an easy way to create lotions and creams with a silky, rich feel and a dry powdery feel

.  Especially suitable for those products with a high butter content when the oily effect is undesireable.

    Provides a pleasant medium, soft & substantive feel as well as an excellent dry, powdery after-feel to lotions and creams.
    It performs as an excellent emulsion enhancer by imparting body and a white opacifying effect.
    May also be used as a opacifier to give your creams and lotions a white glossy appearance.
    Excellent super fatting / thickening agent

Usage Guidelines

    2.0 – 8.0%
    Added to the oil phase


    creams and lotions
    massage and body oils
    hair conditioners

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