May 20, 2024

15 thoughts on “Beet Sugar Extract (Vegemoist)

  1. What is the difference between VEGEMOIST, INCI:Glycine Betaine (Beta vulgaris (Beet)) Sugar Extract.
    AND : BEET ROOT EXTRACT G INCI: Water & Glycerin & Beta Vulgaris (Beet) Root Extract; In addition to first is powder and last one is liquid? are both the same? since they have different INCI names?

    1. I have never used a liquid version of Beet root extract, so I can’t tell you. I’ve only used the powdered version. I can’t confirm that they’ll work the same in the amounts listed in the recipes.

  2. Being that this humectant is amazing for any climates.. what are some other humectants that won’t alter/ take away the benefits of Beet sugar– but add to it, making it even better?

    1. I really can’t answer that question from personal experience because i haven’t don’t any side-by-side comparisons about the effectiveness of Beet sugar extract alone vs with other humectants. I do use Beet sugar extract with propanediol, which itself has some slight humectant properties as well. But if you want even more humectant feel, you’ll have to experiment with the percentage of beet sugar extract along with combining it with other humectants. If Beet Sugar extract isn’t good enough for you, you might try a more synthetic humectant like Butylene glycol.

    1. I see no information from the supplier where I bought it about this ingredient being heat sensitive. I’ve used it for years by adding it into the water phase before heating. You can also set aside a portion of your water phase and add betaine to that water and add that water+betaine during the Cool Down phase. As long as it’s dissolved, you can add it. I wouldn’t add it directly into a finished emulsion without dissolving it.

      1. Hey,
        In your experience of using it is there a particular usage rate that you have found works well for leave in products? The supplier recommended 3% but I wanted to know if you had any recommendations or observations?

        1. I’ve used Betaine at up to 5% to make a leave-in conditioner give a great ‘wet'(moisturizing) feel when added to dry hair. But 3% or less is fine. You may want to stay on the lower side when making skincare just to make sure it won’t leave any tackiness from overuse in your product. But all of this is trial and error. Make 5 small samples, each with the same ingredients but varying percentages of betaine. Test them. That’s the only way you’ll be able to tell what percentage would be best for you. I usually make 50 gram samples (or less).

  3. Will beet sugar extract act as a protein in the hair since its an amino acid. Will it strengthen the hair and make it brittle? My hair does not like too many proteins.

    1. You’ll have to get the scientists to answer this question. Sorry. I have high porosity, 4b/c hair and what it does is provide a noticeable level of softening. I don’t notice any brittleness, but like I said, I have high porosity hair. Anything that helps to add moisture or regulate the escape of it, works well for me.

      You don’t have to use Betaine as a humectant. For me, I like it above all the others. But use whichever humectant works well for your hair.

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