Burdock Root and Green Tea-based Moisturizing Spray v2

burdock root

Burdock Root and Green Tea-based Moisturizing Spray  – makes approx 8oz
measurements are in volume

10 TBSP (5 oz)   Burdock root and Green Tea
6 TBSP (3 oz)  Aloe Vera Juice
2 tsp Vegemoist (humectant)
1 tsp Citric Acid
1/4tsp Neodefend

tsp = teaspoons
TBSP = TABLEspoons

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Preparation Required

# Take 2 TBSP of Burdock Root and add 32oz of purified water
# Boil for 20 minutes to 1 hour
# Remove from heat
# Add 1 bag Green tea and let steep for 10-15 minutes
# Strain
# You may have more than you need. Separate out 5oz of Burdock Root
#Refrigerate the rest (if you have a substantial amount left). Its okay if you use 9 or 10 oz of tea

Continue below:

# Add 3oz Aloe Vera juice to your tea
# Add Vegemoist (or glycerin if don’t have this) and stir well
# Add 1 dash of Citric Acid. Stir until dissolved.
# Add a water soluble preservative and stir very well.
# Put it in a spray bottle.


# This is a spray without any of the traditional conditioning ingredients (BTMS, etc), so it won’t be thick. It will remain a spray.

# Neodefend will cause your pH to drift downward towards where you want it to be.

# The Citric Acid is just to ensure the pH stays as low as possible. If you test and the pH isn’t 4 – 5.5, add a bit more citric acid.  If you test and the pH is lower than 4, add more purified water.  The Aloe Vera juice will also help in this regard.

# If you don’t like Aloe Vera for your hair, just substitute that amount with purified or distilled water.

# Vegemoist (beet sugar extract) is a great humectant and an alternative to glycerin. It is not sticky either.


Burdock root  is said to give a high natural shine to hair and contains biotin, copper, manganese, sulfur, Vitamins B1, B6, B12 and Vitamin E.  And that’s not all. It also contains calcium, phosphorus, zinc, silica, and selenium.

It has antioxidant, antiviral, antifungal and anti inflammatory properties as well. It is thought to help with hair strength as well.

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