Review: Sincere-Ly Naturale Apothecary Niche Collection Creamy Butter Whip


Niche Collection Creamy Butter Whip


INGREDIENTS: Vitellaria Nilotica {Shea Butter}, Magnefira Indica {Mango Butter}, Cocos Nucifera {Coconut Oil}, Ricinus Communis {Castorbean Oil}, Prunus Armeniaca {Apricot Kernel Oil}, Soja Glycine {Soybean Wax}, & Tocopherol 50 {Vitamin E}

Short and Sweet

Its a great sealer to help moisturize your hair and may be a great alternative to grease or other petroleum products


It came in a cute lil’ 1 ounce jar.  Even though it was an ounce, I got more than 1 use out of it because its a sealer.

It was kinda melted when I got it, as is the nature of some whipped butter during transportation. I just let it get back to regular room temp.  (If you’re impatient, just pop it in the freezer for about 10 minutes and everything should be good again)


It looks stiff in the jar, but melts immediately on your skin and hair.  I’m always concerned that butters are easily spreadable and this certainly is. The consistency is that of a substantial whipped butter, but as soon as you place it on your skin, it melts to a liquid.



I received the natural one without any fragrance.  It is exactly that.  It smells like the base ingredients which may be good for those who don’t want to deal with perfume-y products.  However, if you like heavy fragranced hair products that smell like desert… or flowers… or whatever, the “Naturally Fragranced” version of this whip may not be for you.


Its a great sealer and actually made my hair softer than it was before using it.  Its a good replacement for those who like to use thick hair grease or petrolatum products to ‘oil’ their scalp and hair.

I washed and oiled my scalp first. Then I sectioned and took a little in my hands, rubbed them together and went down the hair with it.  My hair was soft, but didn’t feel like I had a head full of grease. You know what I mean?


It works the same, only feels slightly more substantial, on damp hair.  I used it to retwist after spraying with a tea.  It performed well using it this way too.


This is a butter.  Its closer to the consistency of a butter than a cream.  Because of that, I didn’t really use it on dry hair.  These types of products are what I use only on damp or wet hair.

When I first got it, a put a little around my edges and it does provide a nice, feeling even on the tiny amount of dry hair on which I actually tested it.


Yes, I used this on my arms just to test it as well.  It works just as you would expect a nice butter to work, except its not “greasy”.  I put it on and it felt like my skin was protected, but didn’t feel like I had just took a bath in grease. lol!  Nice on elbows too.


My hair loves the shea and mango butters in this product.  It also has good substantial, sealing oils like Castor oil and Apricot Kernel.

Interestingly, it doesn’t have beeswax like many other products.  Don’t get me wrong. I’m not really too crazy about beeswax in a butter product.  She uses Soybean wax to give it that nice heft.

According to one manufacturer of soybean wax (soy wax) for hair and skin, soy wax adds shine and helps with the conditioning of certain formulas.  It also acts as an emollient and helps bind the emulsion.


#Great sealer (use on damp or wet hair)
#Not terrible on dry hair either
#Natural ingredients
#No beeswax

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