Don’t Sleep on Organic Palm Shortening for your Curls

organicpalmshortening curlytea

organicpalmshortening curlytea

O. M. G. I think I’ve been sleeping on Organic Palm Shortening!  I finally got around to getting Tropical Traditions Organic Palm “Shortening”, but don’t be put off by the name.

It’s “shortening” because its a soft, solid at room temp. In these summer temps, its a gorgeous, soft semi-solid, light yellow colored butter that ironically isn’t nearly as oily as olive oil or regular crisco, imo.

It absorbs and moisturizes incredibly well, much to my delight.  (This IS NOT the virgin red palm oil which stains everything)

The Tropical Traditions brand of Organic Palm Shortening is NOT NOT NOT hydrogenated and comes from a sustainable source.  You can use it in place of crisco… and from my testing… in place of shea butter.

What? Did I say that?? Huh? Who me??  I guess I did!  I love shea butter, for those who really can’t deal with shea butter in their hair, PLEASE try this.

I’m SO impressed, and I can be a hair-prude.  I regularly give the side-eye to many things I see in the stores (like some of yall do too :P).

I retwisted my hair last night with nothing but purified water and Organic Palm Shortening.

I literally used it the way I would use my whipped butter mixes (like the Brazil Nut quickie).  I parted my hair into twistable sections, sprayed the section with water, then oiled the scalp itself with the Organic Palm Butter (Shortening)

Then I took some more in the palm of my hands, rubbed them together, and ran them down the length of my hair.  Then retwisted.

When I took it down, my curls weren’t greasy, nor felt heavy like they sometimes do with shea butter (I like that feeling though lol!) It just felt great.

It still feels soft; like I have enough moisture without needing to add anything else to it.  It also has the sheen I love so much.  It didn’t tangle either.

I’m telling yall, by night time, my hair usually gets a little dry after being down all day if I don’t add something else to it.  Not today.  I’m typing this up and it STILL feels soft and moisturized.

organicpalmshortening03 curlytea

The product isn’t super-cheap (because the quality is outstanding, imo) and it really can’t be found in brick-and-mortar stores all around the country, so I’m not surprised many naturals haven’t reviewed it for their hair yet.

I’m ALREADY experimenting with it (just made a Foti Root moisturizer with it to try out).

This stuff right here… man… yall gotta try it.  Tropical Traditions only sells in it 1 gallon containers.  (The price isn’t astronomical though! Some of yall spend $30 on 1- or 2- 8oz products.)

But you get 1 GALLON (112oz)!  You can use it as a body moisturizer.  Use it the way you’d use a hair grease (straight up by itself).  Use it as a hot oil treatment.  Use it in your DIY hair mixes in place of, or in addition to, other oils or butters. AND AND AND you can even cook/bake with it! Girl, what?! lol!

If it does me shady any time in the future, I’ll be sure to let yall know.  But right now, this is in the running to be added as a ‘holy grail’ ingredient.

Go Gi’dit!

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