‘Nasty’ Comments from Sheryl Underwood About Natural Hair


Sheryl Underwood must think its 1913 and not 2013.  She dun stepped in it with a lot of people, and not just natural hair chicks either.

Underwood (@sherylunderwood) had some… interesting… things to say about natural, nappy, afro-textured hair.  And while she may try to play it off as just a joke, if you watch the video and the context (and look at the big a$$ weave she’s sporting), you may not be laughing along with her.


…And she says all of that with a big ass weave/wig on her head. IF she thinks its ‘nasty’ to wear other people’s hair, then she wouldn’t have that Brazilian/Malaysian/Indian/Horse/Donkey/Llama/WhateverTheHell on top of her head.  

But if she thinks natural, afro textured hair ITSELF is “nasty”, then I think she’s full of $hit.  She didn’t say it like she was telling a joke so she needs to have several seats….. and a big cup of STFU.

Honestly, I don’t actually care how Underwood wears her hair.  She can do what she wants.  But to essentially equate afro-textured hair with the word “nasty” is utterly ridiculous;  especially coming from someone who wouldn’t be caught dead without a wig/weave unless she was doing it for comedic effect.

What also ticked me off was the other panel members laughing and the audience clapping like that ignorant mess was something to be applauded.  

Underwood seems to be expressing that natural hair is nasty and straight hair is “beautiful, long, silky stuff”.   That’s a problem, whether she meant that mess as a joke or not.

She has already equated “beautiful” with “long” and “silky”.  By nature, natural hair feels differently than that even if it’s long, moisturized and conditioned well.  Watching Underwood is like watching the result of centuries of brainwashing by people who, quite frankly, don’t look anything like Sheryl Underwood.

If you’ve seen Underwood without her trademarks wigs/weaves, you may better understand her opinion.  She needs to call someone who knows how to care for black hair to help her figure out how NOT to make it look like….this:


And yes, ma, that $hit is messed up….at least from the photo above.  Maybe this is the result of her not having the right hair care regime.  Maybe she honestly feels like afro hair is “nasty” based on her own lack of caring for her own hair.

Or maybe her opinion is based in her hunt for that imaginary hair.  You know, the kind of hair that you can roll out of bed and not do anything to… and it would still look great.  That $hit is a Disney fantasy.  Put it in the category with the Loch Ness Monster and Big Foot.

Most white women…. with that “beautiful, long, silky stuff”…. spend time to get and maintain it.  And even some of them wear weaves to achieve it.  

Why can’t people just leave natural haired women the fck alone?  If you don’t want to wear your hair that way, then fine.  But most of us won’t sit back and let our hair become the butt of a joke — or be equated with the word ‘nasty’ — without a response.

Is this some type of psychological reaction?  Since Underwood doesn’t exactly look like Beyonce, if you know what I’m trying to say, does she instinctively feel a need to take the initiative in badmouthing something else which she deems to be worse than what she has?

Scratch that.  I ain’t got time to be trying to diagnose her issues.

I watched that clip above and I think: Heffa I would feel sorry for you if you were a child.  But you a grown-ass woman and this is 2013. Git’ya ass ova to youtube and MAYBE you can learn how not to hate what you have. Or at the very least, don’t equate the word ‘nasty’ with the natural hair that’s growing out of somebody else’s scalp.


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