December 5, 2022


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INCI: Tussilago Farfara

Coltsfoot is an antibacterial herb typically used to reduce inflammation and help condition hair. It’s full of Vitamins A, C and B, as well as minerals like Manganese, Calcium and Zinc.

Some people use Coltsfoot to help stimulate hair growth and fight against dryness and irritated scalp conditions. Others say Coltsfoot is effective to decrease or get rid of dandruff.

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Many people recommend Coltsfoot as part of a trio (Coltsfoot, Horsetail and Nettle) of herbs to help condition, soften and strengthen the hair. I choose to use it in combination with a many herbs. Check out what’s currently in my spray bottle (as of Nov 2 2014) below:

Hair Tea Twist Spray

2 tsp Coltsfoot
1 tsp Lemon Verbena
2 tsp Horsetail
12oz Hot water

Place tea leaves into a disposable tea bag or muslin cloth
Pour hot water over them
Let steep for 15-30 minutes
Take out tea bag or muslin cloth. (If you didn’t use either, just strain with a strainer)
Make sure tea is cooled or at room temp
Pour into your spray bottle
Use it! 🙂
Refrigerate if you didn’t add a broad-spectrum preservative to it

It has traditionally been used medicinally, with a strong history of being effective as a cough expectorant and diuretic. One of the best known uses for Coltsfoot is to help with anything involving the lungs, including bronchitis, nasal congestion and asthma.

Coltsfoot contains some amount of mucilage, although not nearly as much as something like Slippery Elm Bark or Flaxseeds.

However, Coltsfoot has both emollient and astringent properties used to treat rashes, insect bites, minor sores, as well as various skin conditions. It also has anti-spasmodic properties.

Products Using Coltsfoot as an Ingredient:
+ Giovanni Smooth As Silk™ Deeper Moisture Conditioner
+ Aubrey Organics, GPB Balancing Protein Conditioner
+ Soultanicals Knot Sauce


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[…] use it as part of a tea mix with Coltsfoot, Fenugreek and some other […]

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