What is: One-mason jar method



Sometimes I get questions about the terminology I use to describe the process of what I’m doing while making DIY mixes. One such question involves the one-mason jar method and how do I use it.

LOL! It’s not serious! It’s quite simple, actually. The one-mason jar method is simply using one mason jar (or one glass bowl) to heat both the water phase and the oil phase together.

You just throw all of your Phase A and Phase B ingredients into one jar/bowl, and heat that one jar/bowl for a certain amount of time.


Use this method when using BTMS as the main emulsifier. For some reason, both BTMS-25 and BTMS-50 (when used at recommended percentages) work very well even when heated in the same jar/bowl with the water and the oil portion of your recipe.

For example, in one of the recommended recipes posted at Lotioncrafter.com for BTMS, they suggest combing BTMS, distilled water, panthenol and all other ingredients (except the preservative and the fragrance) into the same container and heating them together.

I’ve found this process to be most effective when specifically using BTMS as the main emulsifier. Other emulsifiers may not emulsify OR may separate later if you use the one-mason jar method.

For whatever reason, BTMS is different.

So test out your favorite BTMS-based DIY recipe using the one-mason jar method and see if it saves you a little time and cleanup!


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