Pt 2: Ingredient junkie? New Ingredients Haul!

ingredienthaulfront2 curlytea

ingredienthaulfront2 curlytea
Part 2 of my haul! As you know, I bought some ingredients to experiment with!  Like some of you who DIY, instead of being a “product junkie”, I seem to be an “ingredient junkie”.

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I purchased this product haul from (with my own money like I do almost everything else) and it includes:

  • NatureSilk (1,3 Propanediol, ECOCERT approved for organic products)
  • Sodium Lactate
  • Xanthan Gum

I also got more ingredients from another online wholesaler as well, but I wanted to focus on these for now so I can talk a little bit more about each.

// NatureSilk //
NatureSilk is a 100% corn derived natural emollient which acts as a natural alternative to propylene glycol (petroleum based).   It was specifically designed to be a non-sticky, non-petroleum glycol.  It is ECOCERT and NPA approved for use in organic and natural products.

Because its also water soluble, you can use it quite easily.  It adds a certain type of silkiness to your DIY products.   Some people even use it instead of glycerin because Naturesilk has “moisture binding” properties without you having to worry about dew points.

What Naturesilk also does is to act like a “solvent”, meaning it can be used to dissolve other ingredients which are otherwise difficult to use in your DIY lotions, creams, conditioners, etc.

Since this is water soluble, I’m gonna see if it can be used to incorporate Guar Gum into a mix without forming those gummy balls (“fisheyes”) !

The NatureSilk I got from (ITDF) is a clear liquid and can be used in creams, body lotions, cleansers, toners, conditioners, and other hair styling products.

NatureSilk can be used on both hair and skin.

According to ITDF, you can make a fragrance mist with this stuff because its a solvent for essential oils!  I’ll have to test that one day. 🙂

// Sodium Lactate //
Sodium lactate (60% concentration in water) is the sodium salt of lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid which helps maintain hydration of the skin.  Its a natural humectant and is made from fermenting sugar from corn or beets.  

Sodium Lactate is reportedly 2nd only to Hyaluronic acid in water holding capacity. It is also an alternative to glycerin where you don’t have to worry about dew points or dealing with stickiness.

Like NatureSilk, Sodium Lactate is also water soluble. You only need  to add 1% to 10% of it in your DIY skin products or hair products.

Sodium lactate is said to help with toning the skin and there have been testing to determine the effective concentration which would give a good toning (brightening of dark spots) effect.

In addition, it has the effect of making whipped emulsified butters ‘feel’ less greasy on the skin.   It also has a good reputation for helping with detangling.

Soap makers use sodium lactate to make harder bars, and because it can reportedly produce a bigger yield.

Its one of those great ingredients which you can use for both skin and hair!

// Xanthan Gum //
Xanthan gum is a sugar based natural thickener used to thicken your DIY products, including shampoo.   It can be used in very low amounts to thicken almost anything in your DIY product.

NOTE: Use at least 0.3%  (yes, zero point three percent) of Xanthan Gum whenever you use it. Usage rate is 0.3% to 2%.

Xanthan gum is water soluble and should be incorporated into your DIY mixes using a high shear (ie: use a stick blender for sure).  Its suggested that you take a portion of the water and mix the Xanthan Gum.  Then add that mix into the rest of your emulsion.

I bought the Xanthan gum to see how it thickens and if it can thicken shampoo mixes easily.  It comes in a light beige powder which is water soluble.

Xanthan gum also is one of the products used to thicken homemade gels. If I can ever find the right consistency, I’ll let yall know.

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