Hibiscus! Hibiscus!

dried hibiscus flower


I’ve wanted to try hibiscus for a very long time.  I’ve been too busy trying other things and finally got around to ordering some from camden grey.

From my understanding, hibiscus is super acidic and astringent.  I used it as a spray on my hair, when retwisting, along with my newer brazil nut whip.

I like the super dark red color of the hibiscus.  I take one little dried hibiscus flower and toss it in a 6oz spray bottle then fill the bottle about halfway.  Let it sit and it’ll turn a super dark almost opaque red (depending on your water to hibiscus ratio).

TIP: Hibiscus tea (infusion) changes color based on the ph of whatever you’ve added to it. Add other acidic (aloe vera juice, etc)  things to it and it’ll remain red.  Add a high ph alkali substance, like bentonite clay, to it and it’ll turn dark purple.

I have to say my hair was super shiny for like no reason. lol! BTW, I had to use a whipped butter with this because the astringency of hibiscus left my hair super dry after it dried; something quickly remedied by simply applying an oil or whipped butter.

But I’ve gotten a lot of shiny success when I use them at the same time during a twist/retwist.

One of these days I’m going to try dissolving african black soap in hibiscus tea (instead of regular water).  

TIP: African black soap dissolved in water has a high ph; at least 9 from my testing.


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