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Just received products from Darcy’s Botanicals!  Woot! (Who says woot anymore? lol)   The two products are the new Sweet Cocoa Bean Moisturizing Hair Whip and the Papaya Nectar Curl Detangling Milk.

Once I have a chance to test them for a period of time (not long), I intend to write up a full review.  However, I just wanted to post my initial reactions.

First Impressions

Papaya Nectar Curl Detangling Milk
# It smells sooo good.  It definitely has a sweet, almost softly perfumed powder smell.
# You instantly feel the slip.  I put a little around the right edge of my hair and… omg…its the type of slip you get when using Guar gum. (Maybe GuarSilk?)
# Can’t wait to get into this one and knock out my tangles.

Sweet Cocoa Bean Moisturizing Hair Whip


# It has a very soft cocoa scent with maybe a hint of something else (maybe a super light coffee smell in the background?);
# Smell is no where near overpowering.
# I put a little around the left edge of my super dry (haven’t washed yet) hair and got instant, substantive moisture.  I used a teeny amount too.  It’s been half an hour and I still feel the moisture in that area.
# The consistency is like an emulsified conditioning butter, but not too thick.  (I’ll have to see how it is after its cooled back down from being in a hot post office truck probably all day though. It still looks good though.)
# And yes, honey, you can use it on your skin too! 

I will get into the products and use them for a minute before giving you a full review and conclusion.  But I admit that I’m already impressed.

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