Taking Pride in Advertising Products for free?

free advertising

Why do some people who do product reviews take pride in NOT getting any compensation for their time and work towards essentially advertising a product for free?

On the surface, it’s their way of making sure you know they haven’t gotten paid to review  the product.  In the current atmosphere of social media, it makes their reviews more believable to more people.  It’s also important for people to know where the reviewer is coming from.

However, when you think about it more carefully, what it amounts to is free advertising for that major company.  The reviewer spent their money every step of the way to procure that product, which includes all of the costs associated with going to a store and buying a product.

If the product was ordered online, the reviewer paid for the product itself and any shipping costs associated with it.

These reviewers have already spent their money to buy all the equipment associated with doing product reviews and posting them online.  They bought or borrowed a camera, and any specific lighting, tripods, diffusers, etc associated with it. They may have also purchased some type of extra movie software to create their videos or take them to the next level.

It’s okay if you choose to ask for compensation.  Just because someone was sent a product they didn’t have to pay for up front, doesn’t mean their opinion is less valid.  As with anything in any profession, the truth of what a person is saying is determined by the morality of that person.

My point is that it’s okay to know what your time and effort is worth.  Large companies have massive advertising budgets, so why wouldn’t a person want to be compensated for that time?

So, I think it’s fine to rethink how you do your reviews by taking into consideration whether or not what you’re doing deserves compensation.

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