Ingredient junkie? New Ingredients Haul! Pt1


I got more ingredients to experiment with, yall!  Instead of being a “product junkie”, I seem to be an “ingredient junkie” because I love to make my own stuff and experiment.

I purchased this product haul from (with my own money like I do almost everything else) and it includes:

  • Hydrolyzed Quinoa (pronounced ‘Keen wa’)
  • Vitamin E T50
  • Beet Sugar Extract (Glycine Betaine (Beta vulgaris (Beet))

I also got more ingredients too, but I wanted to focus on these 3 for now so I can talk a little bit more about each.

//Quinoa //
Hydrolyzed Quinoa is the quinoa protein which has been hydrolyzed so that it can penetrate the hair shaft.  They say it causes the hair to become stronger (which leads to less breakage) and shinier in as little as 1 to 5 uses.

It can be used in hair AND skin products.  I try to focus on ingredients which are great for both hair and skin.  

In hair care, hydrolyzed quinoa is known to make the hair “feel silkier” and forms a “protective barrier” to lock in the moisture.  

The Hydrolyzed Quinoa I have is an amber liquid and has an effect on the hair with as little as 1% . The common usage rate is 1 to 10% for DIY hair products, and 0.5% to 5% for DIY skin products.

It should be added during the cool down phase, which is right around the time you add your fragrances, essential oils and liquid preservatives.

// Vitamin E MT50 //
Vitamin E MT50 is the grown and sexy brother of regular vitamin E. LOL!  Its the one people MEAN for you to use when they suggest using Vitamin E to help “preserve” your mix.  Not that regular stuff you get at the drugstore.

TIP: Vitamin E, in any form, is NOT a preservative. Its a strong antioxidant. MT50 is the highest antioxidant and is used to keep oils from going rancid any time soon. If you’re using water, PLEASE use a “broad spectrum” preservative

Vitamin E MT50 is a blend of d-alpha, d-gama, d-delta and d-beta tocopherols.  Its great for skin because it helps protect “skin cells from environmental damage”.

Its just great to use.  Even most of that regular pure Vitamin E you get in the drugstores does something to help or protect the skin.

TIP: According to “Just 0.02% added to those oils will extend their shelf life by approximately 6 months.”

There’s all kinds of information on the web that Vitamin E ‘grows’ hair.  My opinion is that Vitamin E may help strengthen hair and protect the scalp.  Because of this, hair may be less prone to breakage. Thus, it has the effect of it “growing” because its staying on yo’ head instead of breaking off!

// Beet Sugar Extract //
Known as VegeMoist at, Glycine Betaine Beet Sugar extract is a food grade humectant and moisturizer derived from natural, sustainable sources.

This is thought to be an excellent alternative to glycerin.  Unlike glycerin with has to pull moisture from the air, VegeMoist adds hydration directly regardless of dew points.  Its not sticky in the way that glycerin can be.

It has an affinity to water and since Vegemoist penetrates the hair shaft, it is thought to take that water with it so as to thoroughly moisturize your hair.

The Glycine Betaine Beet Sugar extract comes in a powder form and has a 3 year shelf life!  If that weren’t enough, it also has some anti-irritant properties, helps promote collagen, as well as helps to improve elasticity.

In addition, it has some detangling properties and is said to help solubilize both allantoin and salicylic acid when you’re using them to make your DIY skin products.

Those are just three of the products from my haul which I can’t wait to get into.  Who knows? If I come up with some good DIY hair mixes, I may offer it as a promotional giveaway for you to try out!

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