Aloe Vera Curl Pudding [VIDEO]

Aloe Vera Curl Pudding -
Aloe Vera Curl Pudding is made with aloe vera gel

Aloe Vera Curl Pudding – (makes approx 25 grams)



20 grams Aloe Vera Gel (80%)
3 grams Shea oil (12%)
1 gram Olive Squalane (4%)
1 gram Hairfix XH Maltodextrin (4%)
3 drops Rosemary Essential oil


# This recipe will get your started
# You can mix this inside your final container unless you’re making a large batch
# Add your Aloe Vera
# Add your oil(s)
# Add your Hairfix XH Maltodextrin
# Test it out on a small portion of your hair. Let it dry. If you like the way your hair feels, continue.
# If it’s not moisturizing enough, add more oil — 1 gram at a time.
# If it’s not holding enough or defining the curl, add more Hairfix XH Maltodextrin – 1 gram at a time
# Once you have the consistency you need, add your essential oil


# The aloe vera curl pudding it nice!  I only made a small batch this time.

#I do suggest you start off with a small batch. You don’t want to waste your aloe vera gel on a mix you don’t like. You may want more hold (more HairFix XH Maltodextrin) or less hold. You may want to use a lighter oil or substitute all oil with Caprylic Capric Triglycerides. That’s why I suggest you start out small.

# HairFix XH Maltodextrin is added to improve the hold-ability of the product. It is the type of ingredient which gives ‘hold’ to products whether they’re gels or not.

# Pre-formed gels like the one in this recipe are sensitive to pH. Adding things like Sodium PCA, Sodium Lactate or anything that will increase it’s pH will cause it to turn into a liquid. That’s fine if you want to make something like a holding spray/spray gel. But that it won’t have a custard/pudding like consistency.

# There is a possibility you can add too much oil based on the percentage of Aloe Vera gel you’re using. Be careful of this.

# If your mix begins to separate, simply mix again. I wanted to keep this simple and not worry about adding additional stabilizing ingredients.

# If you don’t want to worry about separation at all and feel like you HAVE to add an emulsifier, try a liquid “cold emulsifier”, which simply means it works at room temperature like one of these:
CreamMaker FLUID
CreamMaker ANIO

Remember, this is mix is pH sensitive. Any ingredient with a high pH can cause the mix to turn into a liquid. It’s still usable, but it won’t be a gel/custard/pudding.


Olive Squalane helps protect, lubricate and condition the hair and skin. It absorbs very quickly. It’s stable, is “non-oxidative” and is a great addition to many products.  It’s a great addition to the Aloe Vera Curl Pudding recipe.

Over time, it’s said to help strengthen hair. In addition, it’s an emollient which can penetrate the skin and keep the hair moisturized longer. Because it’s hydrogenated, it’s a much more stable option to use than regular olive oil.