October 7, 2022


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Lemon and Honey Cream

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Lemon and Honey Cream

Lemon and Honey Cream – (makes approx 235grams; fits 8oz jar)

130 grams Purified/Distilled water (55%)
10 grams Raw Honey (4%)
30 grams Aloe Vera Juice (13%)
30 grams Organic Palm butter (sub with Mango or Shea) (13%)
8 grams Olive oil (3%)
9 grams BTMS-50 (4%)
5 grams Cetyl Alcohol (2%)

2 ml Optiphen
3-8 DROPS Lemon essential oil
5-8 ml Lemon Fragrance oil (optional but highly recommended)
4 grams Aloe Vera Juice (2%)
(helps thin and smooth the final cream)

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You’ll only need 1 mason jar or glass bowl for this recipe
# Place All Phase A ingredients into the same mason jar or glass bowl
If using a mason jar:
# Place mason jar inside a pot
# Make sure the height of the water inside the pot is higher than the height of the ingredients inside your jar

If using a glass bowl:
# Place glass bowl over a small sauce pan or small pot of water

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#Heat ingredients on low to medium for at least 25 minutes. Depending on whether you’ve doubled or tripled the recipe, you may have to heat longer..
# Once heating is finished, use a stick blender to make sure the mix comes together and stays together
# Sit in a larger bowl of cool water and allow to cool. You don’t necessarily need an ice bath
# Stir occasionally while the mix is cooling

# Once the jar or bowl has cooled significantly, place inside the freezer for 5-7 minutes . This is optional, but you’re using shea butter.
#BE CAREFUL! Extreme temperature changes can cause glass to crack
#Shea should be cooled QUICKLY to avoid any pesky grittiness

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# Touch the mix. Ensure that it is not hot
# Add COOL DOWN ingredients
# Mix with Stick blender to ensure incorporation


#Let your lemon fragrance oil do most of the heavy lifting. DO NOT try to use lemon essential oil to completely scent your mix. There’s a possibility you may use too much. Using too much Lemon essential oil can cause irritation to the skin and scalp.

Though I have it listed above, I personally wouldn’t use Lemon essential oil.  I noticed a sensitivity to a hand cream using lemon essential oil, so as a precaution, I just don’t use lemon essential oil.  If you can find a “lemon and honey” fragrance oil, so much the better!

#Try to use organic raw honey. You can use regular honey is that’s what you have, but be aware that some store-bought “honey” isn’t just honey. Some store-bought honey may contain other ingredients or even regular sugar. So make sure you have real honey OR use organic raw honey
#Organic raw honey is thick and opaque.

Happy DIYing!

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