November 27, 2020

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Olive Leaf and Matcha Cream Gel [VIDEO]

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Olive Leaf and Matcha Cream Gel

Olive Leaf and Matcha AHA Cream Gel
makes approx 200 grams (fits 8oz jar)

132.25 grams Purified/Distilled water
2 grams Gluconolactone SB (1%)

6.5 grams Sepinov EMT 10

10 grams Naturesilk (5%)
28.5 grams Glycolic Acid 70% solution (14.25%)

4 grams Sodium PCA (2%)
1 gram Matcha Powder (0.5%)
1 grams Purified water (0.5%)

4 grams Natrasil [silicone replacement] (2%)
4 grams Hydrolyzed Quinoa (2%)
4 grams Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides (2%)
0.75 grams Olive Leaf Extract (about 40 drops)
2 grams Olive Squalane (1%)




In Vessel 1
#Add Phase A to vessel #1
#Heat for 3-5 minutes to fully dissolve Gluconolactone SB
#Add Phase B ingredient
#Use stick blender to form a thick gel

In Vessel 2
#Add Phase C to vessel #2


#Pour the contents in Vessel 2 (Phase C) into Vessel 1 (Phase A+B)
#Stir well.


#Add each PHASE E ingredient to the gel one at a time
#Stir well after each addition. (Don’t use a stick blender or else you may experience viscosity loss.)
#Pour into final jar


#AHA and matcha goodness! This Olive Leaf and Matcha Cream Gel uses glycolic acid at 10%. If that’s too much for you, please reformulate the recipe.

#Glycolic acid should be handled with extreme care.

#Make sure to have a way to test the pH. For glycolic acid to work effectively, it must have a pH somewhere in the range of 3 to 3.5. Do not neutralize this mix!

#Natrasil is a natural alternative to the petroleum based ‘-cones’ and ‘-xanes’

#If you don’t have matcha powder, you can turn your water portion into green tea.  From there, you can continue with the rest of the recipe to form the gel.

#The Olive Leaf and Matcha Cream Gel is being stored in an airtight Infinity Jar for extra protection. You don’t have to do this though.

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